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Very few hobbies are as peaceful and rewarding as gardening. Gardening enthusiasts view it as a creative outlet in which they color their backyard in lush vegetation and bright flowers. Growing dazzling flowers, foliage, fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be accomplished in suburban backyards, large acres of farmland, or even the limited space of urban apartments. How you decorate your garden, backyard and home exterior is only limited to your imagination.

Garden.com is your source for garden supplies, garden tools and garden furniture. We are proud to offer over 25,000 lawn, garden, and outdoor décor items to adorn your backyard. Your garden and how you choose to enhance it are reflections of your taste and personality.

Gardening Supplies
Beautiful gardens take a lot of work, all year round. Equip yourself with all the necessary gardening supplies for a bountiful vegetable harvest or a dazzling and bright flower garden. Garden supplies like compost bins and outdoor thermometers help you better manage the daily activities involved with appropriate plant care.

Garden Furniture
Your garden or backyard is the perfect location to sit back and relax. This requires comfortable yet stylish outdoor garden furniture. Garden.com has various types of outdoor lawn furniture available to fit any outdoor living environment regardless of size and shape. Choose from garden benches and Adirondack chairs to chaise loungers and ottomans.

Garden Ornaments
Garden ornaments and garden decor accessories transform your garden by adding the final touches to an already stunning and beautiful floral environment. Garden decorations can be functional, such as outdoor clocks, and others can be ornamental, like garden arches. Outdoor ornaments, like a garden trellis or a garden obelisk, complete and compliment the overall design, look, and feel of your home.

There is nothing quite like watching your seedlings become beautiful, healthy plants. Get outside and enjoy the warm sunshine as you eagerly wait for your flowers, plants and vegetables to bloom and grow.

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