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Bird Feeders Buyer's Guide

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There's nothing more pleasant than watching and listening to birds enjoying themselves in your backyard. Our feathered friends are beautiful creatures that make our gardens come alive with their extravagant colors and one-of-a-kind songs. Adding a bird feeder outside your home is a great way to attract more birds to your backyard.

Here are some of the more common birdfeeders and their characteristics:

Platform Feeders - The platform feeder is a basic bird feeder that attracts a great variety of birds ranging in an assortment of sizes and colors. The reason why a platform feeder attracts so many different birds is because of its versatility; they can be placed on the ground, set on top of a pole or hung from a post or tree. Platform feeders attract cardinals, jays, chickadees, native sparrows, and doves. The only drawback of this particular feeder is that it is difficult to squirrel proof.

Hopper Feeder - If you are looking for a bird-friendly feeder, then you can't beat a hopper feeder, especially if you are looking to draw in larger birds such as jays and woodpeckers. The sturdiness of the hopper feeder allows bigger birds to feed easily without worrying about falling off. Another positive aspect of hopper feeders is its ability to hold more bird seed than other styles of feeders, meaning you don't have to worrying about refilling this type of feeder as much as another style. Hopper feeders can also be very decorative and come in many different fun shapes and styles. carries a great selection of bird feeders at the best prices.Shop bird feeders

Tube Feeders - Tube feeders are probably the most common type of feeder. Recognizable by their long tubes and feeding ports located along and around the tube and short perches, tube feeders attract an assortment of small birds like chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, and goldfinches. Larger birds don’t really like tube feeders because the perches are too small. They can be filled with sunflower seeds, thistle seeds, or special seed mixtures.

Globe Feeders- Globe feeders are less well-known than the others. They are for attracting small birds such as chickadees, nuthatches, goldfinches and titmice. These particular styles of bird feeder look somewhat like a clear ball hanging in your tree. Globe feeders don’t have perches and the birds must cling to the bottom in order to eat. A number different seeds or seed mixtures can be used in this feeder; since the food is enclosed within the sphere, it is protected from the elements.

Suet Feeders - Suet feeders add diversity to your bird feeding routine. Most birds will eat suet if they need additional energy but woodpeckers, goldfinches, bluebirds, and juncos love it and can't resist its rich nutrients and high fat content. Suet feeders consist of a wire cage with a suet cake in the middle.

Adding one or two of these bird feeders should help transform your yard into an aviary destination for all sorts of different bird species. Remember to follow the set-up instructions, keep your bird feeders clean and fill it regularly with delicious and nutritious feed and seed; in no time your yard will be full of beautiful bird songs. has a great selection of bird feeders at great prices! Shop Bird Feeders

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