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Identify Symptoms of Anthracnose on Fruit & Vegetables Mancozeb Fungicide

 Symptoms of anthracnose appear first as small, circular, slightly sunken lesions on the surface of ripening fruits. The spots quickly enlarge, become deeply depressed, and develop a water-soaked appearance directly beneath the skin of the fruit. You will see black rings forming in the center of the lesions. Eventually, secondary microorganisms invade the lesions and cause a complete rotting of the fruit. For control of many diseases on lawns, fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals. Use Mancozeb Fungicide to control anthracnose in tomatoes, and much more. Anthracnose is a frequent problem in the latter part of the growing season on ripening tomato fruit. The disease results in a fruit rot which reduces the quality and yield of tomatoes.

Common Problems & Diseases Mancozeb Controls

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Black Rot Late Blight Black-Spot

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