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Is it Crape Myrtle or Crepe Myrtle

Is it Crape Myrtle or Crepe Myrtle

Among gardeners, nurseries, retailers, and bloggers, there seems to be some division on how to spell our beloved Crape Myrtle. It is Crepe or Crape? I did a little research, to see what information is available, on the subject. I found that the plant is commonly spelled in MORE than two ways. You may have seen any of the following: crape myrtle, crapemyrtle, crepemyrtles and crepe myrtles.

The scientific name is lagerstroemia crape myrtle. The traditional Southern spelling is "Crepe Myrtle" (because the delicate flowers resemble crepe paper). However, across the US, it is more commonly found as "Crape Myrtle". In Europe and Australia and other countries they use the Scientific Name, Lagerstroemia Crape Myrtle. Wikipedia insists that the correct spelling is Crape-myrtle. Most universities who post articles about the plant refer to it as Crape Myrtle, also. In addition, the American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia uses the spelling, "Crape Myrtle". Conversely, Southern Living books and magazines prefer, "Crepe Myrtle".

In researching the subject, I also visited several garden forums, to see what other gardeners think. "Crape", is said to be the traditional English spelling, according to one reader. Another sites its French origin.

Now is your chance to weigh in, on the subject. We would love to hear your opinion. Which do you prefer, Crepe, or Crape, and why?

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