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Mist and Water Your Plants With One Tool

Mist and Water Your Plants With One Tool

right Here is a nifty new tool!  The Mist n' Pour is a spray bottle with a spout, so you can water and mist your plants at the same time -- without additional equipment. That's good news for you and your plants. But what's even better is the one-of-kind, battery powered sprayer-head.


The battery powered trigger allows you do power spray effortlessly. You'll never end up with an aching index finger, even after misting all your ferns and fuchsias. Best of all, you can mist all your plants in less time, because the over sized trigger creates a powerful spray action that either spray or stream.

The bottle's ergonomic design provides an easy, natural hold for extra comfort and control, especially helpful for weak or older hands. A wide platform base keeps the sprayer steady and resists tipping, while a custom-contoured handle makes carrying and filling easy.

The Mist n' Pour's large capacity container will hold 2 liters and features both metric and ounce calibrations -- allowing plant foods, pesticides and herbicides to be measured and mixed right inside the bottle.

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