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Wrong ways and Right Ways to Kill Stink Bugs

The Dos & Don’ts of Eliminating Stink Bugs!

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Bearing a resemblance to dinosaurs, stink bugs can be unsightly and a little frightening to your average homeowner. The truth is, however, they are actually only dangerous to plants. They don't bite and they don’t sting; stink bugs do something much worse – they stink! How do you think they got their names? Stink bugs emit a foul stench from their bodies when they are injured, frightened or squashed. 

Here are some recommended methods for controlling stink bugs:



Set up stink bug traps –Traps like the Rescue Stink Bug Trap and the Victor Ultimate Stink Bug Trap, use heat, light and smells to attract stink bugs and then zap them. They work well and make clean up simple.


Dish soap – A little bit of dish soap in a spray bottle makes for a pretty effective weapon against the smelly menace.  Studies have shown that the chemical composition of dish washing detergent is extremely lethal to stink bugs and they can become paralyzed and / or die within minutes after coming in contact with it.


Multi-Purpose Insect Control Sprays – Synthetic sprays kill and repel harmful insects such as Japanese beetles and stink bugs. All you have to do it spray some on your vegetables, shrubs, trees, and lawn for a quick and easily solution to the stink bug problem in your garden.

Everyone has their own method for dealing with a stink bug home invasion. Some are good, others not so much. Here are a few of the lesser known, less effective ways to get rid of these smelly pests:


Flying pets– Bats and some species of birds eat stink bugs. As predators of flying insects, these animals play a vital role in maintaining a natural balance in your backyard.  Without them, insect populations would spiral out of control.


Toilets – When it comes to killing stink bugs nothing works as well as a toilet. Once you flush that bug down the drain, odds are you’ll never see it again. A minor setback to this extermination method is the fact your water bill will most certainly go up with every bug you flush.


Fly paper – Fly paper works great for catching stink bugs, sometimes too well. Stink bugs emit a pheromone that attracts other stink bugs. Once one is stuck, more are likely to become caught in the fly paper’s sticky hold.  It doesn’t take long for your fly paper to become covered in smelly, ugly stink bugs and it is not a pretty sight.


Sneakers/Shoes – Squashing these smelly bugs is probably the least desirable method of ridding your home of these intrusive pests. The reason being that when you squash a stink bug with your sneaker, its notorious, foul odor will be released. has the products you need to control stink bugs! Shop for Insect Control Products!

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