Garden Articles

Address Plaques
Choosing the Right Address Plaque for your Home

Apparel & Garden Gear
The Pallina Glove

Arbors & Structures
Awnings: Enjoy the Outdoors Every Season
Cedar Arbors
Decorate your Backyard Using Less Space with Vertical Gardens
Different Styles and Types of Garden Arbors
Fun Ways to Decorate Your Backyard with a Garden Trellis
Garden Sheds
Growing Plants on Arbors and Trellises
Metal Arbors-Great for Rose Vines
Perks of a Vinyl Arbor
The Beauty of a Garden Arbor
The Proper Way to Decorate a Garden Arbor
What Plants Grow Best on a Trellis?

Birds & Wildlife
Bird Feeder Buyer's Guide

Backyard Composting Basics
Give Your Compost Pile a Jump Start
RolyPig Composting
Tidy Gardener's Potting Tray
Worm Composting Is Easy & Productive

Fire Pits & Heaters
Choosing a Fire Pit - Buyer's Guide
Energy Efficient Grills

Fungus & Disease Control
Control Summer Patch Before It Controls You
Eliminating Peach Leaf Curl
Fend Off Damping Off
Fighting Mold & Mildew in the Garden
Identify Symptoms of Anthracnose on Fruit & Vegetables
Identify the Symptoms of Anthracnose
Multi-Purpose Fungicide For Ornamentals
Protecting Apples from San Jose Scale
Why Is My Lawn Dying?

Garden Pests Information
Expertly Itdentifying White Grub Problems

Garden Tools
Easy Wheelbarrow Maintenance
Fall Backyard Cleanup Checklist
Garden Carts: Work Smarter, Not Harder
The Basics
The Pain Free Way: Garden Carts Donation Requests Donations

June 2013 Recalls

Atomic Clocks Work for You
Carruth Garden Gifts
Outdoor Wedding Planning

Greenhouse Basics: Part 1-Things to Think About
Greenhouse Basics: Part 2-Major Components of a Greenhouse
Greenhouse Basics: Part 3-Selecting The Best Location For Your Greenhouse
Greenhouse Commercial and Institutional Program
Greenhouse Watering
HotHouse Gardening
Start Planting Seeds Indoors Today
Wildflower Garden

Components of a Hydroponics System
Hydroponics-Gardening Without Soil

Insect & Pest Control
Creating a Tick-Free Yard
Getting Rid of Slugs
How to Use Stink Bug Traps
Interesting Facts about the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Mosquito Facts & West Nile Virus Update
Stink Bug Control Center
Wrong ways and Right Ways to Kill Stink Bugs

Organic & Eco-Friendly
Organic Gardening Tips & FAQs
Organic Pest Control 101- Natural Born Killers
Step by Step Guide to Growing an Organic Garden Buyers Guide

Outdoor Living and BBQ
Create the Best Outdoor Room
Learn about Grilling Safely on a Deck
Outdoor Living Buying Guide
Spend An Evening At the Lodge

Pest & Animal Control
Safely Stop the Neighbor’s Pets from Going in Your Yard – Solutions Guide

Plant & Lawn Care
African Violets
All About Annuals
Azaleas and Rhododendrons
Bahia Grass
Been There - Killed That
Benefits of Growing Plants From Seeds
Butterfly Flower Garden
Caring for Camellias
Container Flower Gardens
Corn Gluten - The Natural Herbicide
Cottage Flower Garden
Crabgrass Control
Determining Proper Sunlight for Planting
Early Spring Lawn Care Checklist
Eliminating Moss Quickly
Five Plants Even You Can't Kill!
Guard Your Green
How to Eliminate Brown Patches from your Lawn
How To Get More Plants For Your Garden
How to Protect Plants from Frost
Improving Soils
Lawn Aeration 101
Plant Your Holland Bulbs
Planting & Caring for Evergreens
Planting and Feeding Shade, Fruit and Ornamental Trees
Planting Hardy Spring Blooming Bulbs in the Fall
Plants Love Coffee and Tea -Who Knew?
Pot That Tree!
Preserving Herbs
Prevent Weeds in Your Lawn Now
Propagating Plants: Making More of What You Already Have
Pruning 1: Why Prune
Pruning 2: What You Will Need to Prune
Pruning 3: When to Prune
Pruning 4: How to Prune
Ridding your Yard of Crabgrass
Selecting And Planting Bulbs
Selectively Killing Weeds in Southern Turf
Start Your Spring Garden Now
Summer & Fall Blooming Bulbs
The Importance of Soil pH
Tips for a Successful Vegetable Garden
Tomato Tips
Troubleshooting with Annuals
Waging War on Your Weeds
Weed Prevention for Lawns
What Is Dirt Made Of Anyway?
What Kind of Soil Do You Have?
White House Gardens
Why is pH So Important
Yard Clean Up Made Easy

Animal Repellents
Avoid Bambi Blues -- Smart Plant Selection
Controlling Armadillos
Deer Control 101
Defend Your Lawn the Smart & Safe Way
Effective Deer Repellents
Goose Control
How to Get Rid of Moles and Voles
How to Stop Deer from Eating your Plants Buyers Guide
Lizard Problems?
Mole & Vole Control Can Be Tricky!
Protect Those Spring Bulbs From Critters!
Rain Resistant Goose Repellent
Repelling Blue Heron
Say Goodbye to Moles and Voles Forever!

Best Sellers
Quantity Discounts

Birds & Wild Life
Attracting Hummingbirds
Bird Baths
Bird Feeders in the Garden
Bird feeding Basics
Birdhouse Basics
Exquisite Bird Houses & Feeders
Feeding the Hummingbirds
For the Birds
Going Batty!
How to Photograph Birds
Hummingbirds - Slow Adaptors to Change
Porcelain - A Worthy Bird House
Select a Birdfeeder
The Amazing Squirrel Stopper

Garden Decor
Add a Focal Point with a Garden Fountain
Front Porch Accents Buying Guide
Garden Accents Buying Guide
Garden Art
Garden Decor
Garden Flags
Garden Fountains
Garden Gates
Garden Gloves
Garden Gnomes
Garden Statues
Soothing Sounds for your Garden
Tips for Adding Statuary to Your Garden

Garden University
Best Time to Plant Evergreens
Dividing Daylilies in the News
Gardening 101 - Soil Testing
Growing African Violets
How Do You Force a Bulb to Bloom?
Identify Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac
Is it Crape Myrtle or Crepe Myrtle
Kid's Dino Garden
Killing Clover & Chickweed
Mulch Calculator
Ornamentals That Love the Sun - Sedums
Paint Your Garden With Annuals
Plant Hardiness Climate Zone Calculator
Raised Garden Beds
Reasons to Buy from
Share Your Photos America
Spring Grape Hyacinth AKA Lent Flowers
Successful Seedlings
Sucker Stopper Tree Growth Regulator
Transplanting Seedlings
Understanding Plant Nutrition
Weather Glossary
What the Heck is GreenSand?

Holiday Store
Holiday Gifts for Her
Holiday Gifts for Him
Holiday Gifts Under 25
Holiday Gifts Under 50
The Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees

Lawn Care
How to Celebrate National Lawn and Garden Month

Lawn Mowers
Learn More About Reel Mowing

Lighting & Lantern
Add Beauty and Security to your Home and Garden
Energy Saving Tips on Outdoor Lighting
Illuminate Your Masterpiece
Solar Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Living
Favorite Pieces of Outdoor Decor
How to Throw the Best Backyard Party
Protect and Store Your Patio Furniture During the Winter
Ten Must Haves for Your Outdoor Living Area

Patio Furniture
Benches Make Great Garden Seating
Benefits of Aluminum Outdoor Furniture
Build Your Perfect Patio
Buying Outdoor Furniture Made Easy Online
Cedar: Elegance and Weather Resistant
Choosing Patio Furniture: A Quick Rundown of Different Materials
Fun Steps for Successful Online Patio Furniture Shopping
Garden Furniture
Taking Care of Your Outdoor Furniture
Teak: Durability and Beauty
The Hottest Trends in Outdoor Furniture

Planters & Pots
Decorating With Planters

Pots & Planters
Choosing the Right Planter
Crescent Planters
How to Clean a Planter
How to Plant a Hanging Basket
How to Start a Planter Garden

Seasonal Promotions
Earth Day Facts
Earth Day, April 22, 2008: A Brief History and Some Green Tips
National Tree

Starting a Raised Garden Bed

Water Gardens & Ponds
Garden Ponds
Learn to Water Garden in Six Easy Steps
Planning a Pond

Watering Supplies
Haws Watering Cans
Knowing When To Water House Plants
Mist and Water Your Plants With One Tool
Water Saving Techniques
What Are the Benefits of Rain Barrels?