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Add Beauty and Security to your Home and Garden

Home and garden lighting not only improves the safety and security around your home, but it also adds a new dimension to your landscape. Artful lighting enhances a property’s beauty. Some great ideas for designing with light include:

- Lighting a pond or waterfall from beneath the water to create a dramatic glow.

- Silhouette a sculpture with a flood to create a shadow on a wall.

- Backlight a specimen plant for a dramatic effect.

- Highlight the entry door or draw attention to an architectural feature of the house.

- Direct lighting upwards into a tree for an elegant shadow effect.

- Establish visual destination points by lighting the different paths around your home.

- Floodlight the children’s play area for safety at night.

- Install timers on your lighting system so that it appears you are home even when you are not.

Whether you choose solar lights, energy saving low voltage lights, or standard voltage lighting for larger spaces, landscape lighting creates ambiance in and around your home. Most importantly, it increases your family’s enjoyment and safety after dark.

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