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Been There - Killed That

Been There - Killed That

I have determined a plant is not garden-worthy in my landscape unless I have Yardiac Plant Carekilled it at least once. Yes, in life we learn from our mistakes and gardening is certainly no different.  Much of this delusional planting is the result of zonal denial, disagreements with nature or taking wild chances.
But many times I have killed things out of ignorance. For example, shortly after moving into my first home, our tiny lawn was covered with dandelions. So as any budding Yardiac would do, I ran to the nearest store and purchased the first weed killer I saw. I sprayed the entire lawn in about 60 seconds and thought I had successfully removed all weeds from my lawn. (little did I know)

Weed Identification

I awoke the next day expecting to find decaying weeds only to find my entire lawn burned out. I ran to the shed to read the label only to discover I had applied "Round Up" and needless to say killed everything. This was a valuable lesson that help formulate my future gardening habits.

After much effort, I was able to remove the dead grass and establish thick green turf only to find it infested with even more weeds the following Spring. This time I was determined not make the same mistake and studied every inch of the yard.   Anything not resembling the picture of perfection was quickly removed and transported to the local extension service for further examination.

I talked to neighbors, garden center personal, horticulturalists, government agents, master gardeners and anyone else who would listen - and what I quickly discovered is that I was now OVERDRINKING the problem and before it was to late had purchased 8 different weed killers.   Gardening professionals often make our passion more complicated than it should be.  I set out to develop an easy way for novice gardeners/homeowners to fend off weeds in the yard.  After many weeks the Weed Identification and Prescription Platform was born.

This website displays images of the most common weeds and prescribes the right medication to selectively kill the weeds without damaging your turf.  You can never fully enjoy the successes without a little bit of gardening failure - and you never know what might success may develop through failure - so have fun this Spring!

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