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Benches Make Great Garden Seating

Seating is an important part of every garden. It invites people into the garden and encourages them to relax. Several strategically placed garden benches throughout the space will give people an incentive to stop and admire the beautiful view.

Garden seating can be anything from purely functional to elaborate and whimsical. There are no hard and fast rules for incorporating bench seating into the garden, just do what makes you happy.

When shopping for that perfect garden bench, try them out to compare the comfort and stability of each one. There are many different styles available such as benches that offer storage underneath and benches with planter boxes on the ends. Some benches have backs to lean against and others do not. They are often made from stained wood like teak, cedar or redwood for a natural look. Painted wood benches are also a popular choice to add color and design to the garden. Durable, long-lasting metal or maintenance free plastic benches are also available.

Placing a garden bench in just the right location requires some careful thought. For example, do not place a bench in a spot where it will be sprayed by the sprinkler or in the drip line of a structure. Sitting on a wet bench is unpleasant. Be careful not to situate a metal bench in the hot sun, burning your backside is not comfortable either.

A concrete bench will probably feel cold in the mornings so if you would like to sit outside while you drink a cup of coffee you might consider using a weather resistant cushion or choose a bench made from another material.

Safety is critical so providing a stable; level base for your bench to rest on is the most important issue to address when adding a bench to your garden. You can make a stable base by using paving stones, making a small concrete pad or forming an area covered with pebbles or mulch. Nobody wants to sit down and take a tumble to the ground.

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