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Best Time to Plant Evergreens

Best Time to Plant Evergreens

There is some debate on the best time to plant Evergreens. Some sources say early March. Others suggest Fall planting. Read the instructions that come with your plant, or talk to your nurserymen, to be sure.

After you ascertain the appropriate planting time for your cultivar, you can start the fun part. -Planting! This guide can really be used for planting trees of any kind.

First, dig the hole. Be sure is large enough to place 8-10" of soil beneath and on all sides of the root ball.

Next, mix 50% existing soil with 50% soil conditioner, such as Rich Earth Soil Conditioner. Add enough of the soil mix to the hole so that the root ball can be one quarter inch higher than the ground level.

Remove any plastic container from the root ball. If your tree is balled in burlap, set the tree on the soil mix base and cut the burlap loose from the root ball. The burlap can remain in the hole. Finish adding the soil mix to make mound around the tree.

Soak the tree and add more soil mix if necessary. Next, mulch to a depth of three inches. Then, stake the tree. Use tree protectors, around the tree, so you don't cut into the trunk. You will want the stakes to be about 2x2. The height will depend on the height of the tree you are planting.

Be sure to water your tree. Be sure to water your tree. (This is not a typo.) New trees need lots of water. The number one reason for tree planting failure is under watering.  Tree Gators can make this a lot easier. Some people will use five gallon pails, with small holes drilled in the bottom. This will allow you to water the tree slowly, giving the roots time to absorb the water. Otherwise, most of your water will run away. The mulch will hold in the moisture, as well.

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