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Carruth Garden Gifts

Carruth Garden Gifts

Over the past 25 years, George Carruth has become one of America's most collected sculptors. Commissions include custom designs for the White House, the george carruthNational Cathedral in Washington D.C., HGTV, L.L. Bean and the list goes on.  You might be interested to know that he is the creator of Strawberry Shortcake, as well. 

George Carruth's Designs are warm and whimsical.  They display fine details like no other sculptures.   The material is a strong weather resistant stone/cement composition, designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions.  With over 250 different sculpted images, you are sure to find the perfect gift to accent any home, garden or work space.

George has been creating, casting and shipping his original copyrighted designs from northwest Ohio since 1983.  His wife Deborah, is the creative business energy behind Carruth Studio and "Garden Smiles," the retail gallery for George's and many other talented artists works. Together they have enjoyed national success, Carruth Studiosselling to individual collectors and over 3000 galleries and shops in all 50 states. Internationally, Carruth sculptures have made their way to England, Italy, Japan, Germany and Australia and many other countries. 

This is important, because we are all looking for that Made in America seal, and here it is.  You can feel a sense of patriotism when you give a gift like this.  Not only that, but the designs are fresh and original.  They make a very unique, and personal gift.

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