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Choosing a Fire Pit - Buyer's Guide

Choosing a fire pit - buyer's guide

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Summer is here and that means backyard parties, get-togethers, bbq’s and relaxing evenings outside. Only one thing can make any of these events even better and that is a fire pit. Outdoor fire pits can be used as a gathering spot for socializing with guests at a party or a place to simply de-stress after a long day at work. Very few patio adornments are as multi-dimensional as fire pits.

Fire pits are portable and easy to set up anywhere, from your patio to your campsiteFire pits are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. They can be permanent or portable, suitable for bonfires, barbecues or heating, and make use of different fuel sources. With so many variables, it is easy to see why choosing the right fire pit can be confusing. To help minimize some of the confusion regarding backyard fire pits, put together a buyer’s guide of the more popular designs:

Chimineas easily add a little excitement to your backyard or patio with a variety of attractive accents and designs. Chimineas are short, circular tubs that sit above the ground. These unique fire pits are typically made from copper, cast iron or other metals. Chimineas are popular because they have so many different uses. For example, they can be used to cook food or as a source of heat from burning wood logs.

Free-standing fire pits are the most common and popular fire pits available. They are easy to set up, portable and found in all sorts of shapes and styles, ranging from copper bowls to rectangular dishes. You may want to look into purchasing a spark screen to place over the flames; these metal screens allow fresh air in to feed the fire but prevent sparks from getting out. Since free-standing fire pits are portable, they can be set up just about anywhere from your patio and garden to a campsite during your next camping trip. Some of these pits have the option of adding a rotisserie bar, a flat grill for barbecuing and an ash pan for cooking food too.

Electric fireplaces are convenient and look great indoors and outdoorsElectric fireplaces add warmth and a little décor to your outdoor living environment without the hassle that comes with messier fuel sources like wood or charcoal. This style of fire pit is popular for those who like the idea of flipping a switch and walking away when they are done with it; there is no worry about lingering sparks, cleaning up ashes, etc. Electric fire pits are commonly made from weather-resistant materials which help extend their longevity in outdoor weather conditions.

Outdoor fire places make wonderful additions to any outdoor home setting. They are often all you need to visually improve your patio, deck or garden. Don't hesitate any longer! Go decorate your outdoor landscape with a relaxing and elegant fire pit. has a great selection of elegant fire pits at great prices! Shop Fire Pits!

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