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Choosing the Right Address Plaque for your Home

Choosing the right address plaque for your home

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Choosing a new address plaque can be fun and exciting when you shop at! Address plaques add a unique and stylish flavor to the front of your home. They serve as an extension of your personality and are first thing guests see when visiting. You didn’t think it was so important, did you?

Choosing the best decorative address plaque is more than just expressing yourself, making your house look fancy or making your neighbors envious. You will want an address plaque that is easily readable from the street and remains somewhat visible during less than favorable weather conditions.

An address plaque can add style and charm to your outdoor area

Keeping all that in mind, there are several questions to ask before purchasing a wall plaque. These are:

What type of address plaque do you want?

There are many types of home address plaques to choose from, but three of the most common are wall plaques, lawn plaques and hanging plaques.

  • Wall plaques attach directly to the side of your home or garage
  • Lawn plaques, as their name would imply, stand out in your yard
  • Hanging plaques hang from a pole, bar or light fixture

Your choice of plaque depends primarily on space available. If you own land, perhaps a lawn plaque in the front area of your property works best. If your living arrangements are more modest, a wall plaque or hanging plaque is probably the way to go.

Where should you place an address plaque?

Placing a lawn plaque is relatively simple. You might want to consider setting it near a garden or other special trait or characteristic of your home’s exterior. Other than that, there is not too much to consider.

Placing a wall plaque is quite the opposite. Its location is determined by the size, shape and color of the plaque. If you’re placing one near your door, you might want to use a vertical plaque as opposed to a horizontal plaque. Wherever you place your plaque, pick a color that complements the exterior of your home and its landscape.  

One tip that can be helpful is to take pictures of the various places you’re considering placing a plaque. If you know someone who is handy with Photoshop, ask them to insert different plaque images into your photos to give you a better idea of how it would look.

What is the best material for an address plaque?

Natural materials like stone and wood tend to be more durable than any other type of material. Your address can either be carved or burned into the material making it more likely to better weather the elements as well as last longer.

Metal plaques are made of durable, rust resistant material that will look great for years to come

Metal plaques are mistakenly believed to be not as durable as other materials because of the potential for rusting; however, this is not the case. Problems with rust are few and far between. Most modern metal plaques are crafted from rust-free recycled aluminum and painted with special formulas to withstand even the harshest elements.

Ultimately, the material you choose really depends on your personal preference and the look you’re trying to achieve with your home decor.

Whether you’re holiday shopping, looking for a gift for a new home owner, or just looking for a change, it’s important to take into account all these factors when purchasing an address plaque.

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