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Different Styles and Types of Garden Arbors

Different Styles and Types of Garden Arbors

For centuries, gardens and landscapes of all sizes have been decorated with garden arbors. Their one-of-a-kind looks and style bring character to a home’s exterior while the beautiful flowers that bloom on them fill your garden with sweet smells. They provide so many wonderful benefits that it’s difficult to find a reason not to use one in your backyard.

There are a several basic types of arbors available to choose from:

Archway Arbor – Archway arbors divide large lawns and give a clean break for growing different plants on either side of the arbor. The resulting look is a more cohesive color and texture flow.

Traditional Arbor – When you think of an arbor, the traditional arbor with its flowering plants or vine vegetables growing upwards towards the top is probably what comes to mind. The traditional arbor has a flat roof with a clean line for a garden entrance.

Gable Garden Arbor - This arbor makes use of a pitched roof design. Many gardening enthusiasts love the sharp angles of that gable garden and often focus their entire landscape design around this single feature.

Now that you understand the different styles of garden arbors, let’s take a look at arbor materials. Each has its own distinctive advantages. While a wooden arbor may work for one person, your garden may be better served with a metal arbor.  

Aboria Casablance Gothic Cedar ArborWood – Arbors made from wood are typically your most affordable choice. Wood arbors vary in terms of quality. Wood is susceptible to rot. Wet weather conditions can often speed the decaying process. Intense heat and sun can also dry out the wood, causing it to become brittle after a few seasons. Try to purchase a wooden arbor made from treated wood that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Plastic – Plastic arbors, also called vinyl arbors, are growing in popularity and accessibility. Available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, these trellises cost more than those made from wood, but plastic trellises are more durable and will last many more years than a wooden arbor. Look for a plastic arbor that is UV stable, meaning the color will not fade over time as it is exposed to the sun's powerful UV rays.

Gardman Charleston Metal Arch ArborMetal - Once shunned among professional gardeners and designers due to the erroneous belief that metal burns plants when it gets too hot from the sun, metal trellises are surging in use. Metal arbors hold up longer than other materials over time no matter what the weather conditions may be; they are also sturdier due to their weight advantage over plastic and wood. One point to keep in mind is the color of the metal. It is recommended you paint the arbor a bright color, like white or yellow, which reflects the most of the sun’s intense rays.  

Arbors have the capability to bring brilliance to even the smallest design aspect of your backyard, garden and home. They fit in naturally and seamlessly with any landscaping you may already have in place. has a great selection of arbors. Find yours today!

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