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Easy Wheelbarrow Maintenance

Easy Wheelbarrow Maintenance

Wheelbarrows are the essential garden tool for every gardener, no matter where you are located.  Keeping your wheelbarrow in peak condition can be expensive and time consuming.  One way to eliminate problems and extend the life of your old garden buddy is to use a Marathon wheelbarrow tire.  It will outlast any other tire on the market.
Marathon Tires are made of amazing micro-cellular polyurethane foam that is comprised of trillions of tiny air pockets. This material eliminates flats, while creating the bounce and load handling characteristics of conventional air - filled tires, and only weighs about two pounds more. Marathon tires also have a dense outer skin for exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance.  In addition to that, the Marathon tires will not mark the floor, so they are perfect for indoor applications, as well.  The tires are designed to fit the majority of wheelbarrows and hand trucks in the market; So, if you do not see one to fit your application, give us a call.  We can likely find one for you.  The number is toll free 1-888-314-2733!


How to Measure for Flat - Free Tires       

Measure Hub Length
Measure the distance from the outside of one bearing through the middle  of the wheel to the outside of the other bearing.


Measure Bearing Inside Diameter

Here are a few helpful hints:

Hub:  Center tube that holds bearings   Bearings:  Where the axle rests   Wheel: Tire and Rim together

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