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Eliminating Moss Quickly

Eliminating Moss Quickly

Removing moss from your lawn used to be a long laborious task until recently.  If you have developed patches of thick, dark green mats on your soil's surface.  Due to a flaw in your yard, moss has moved in and is continuing to spread.  Bayer has developed a product that kills moss and algae on lawns, decks, patios, fences, mulch, driveways, gravels plus roofs and buildings.  Follow these steps to remove the moss from your lawn.

Moss Removal  Steps
  1. Apply the moss killer to the yard
  2. Give it time to turn the moss black in color.
  3. Rake out the black moss with an iron rake
  4. Reseed the Bare Spots to prevent Moss from returning

Remember a strong turf will always choke out weeds or moss so be sure to keep your lawn properly watered and fertilized.

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