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Energy Efficient Grills

Energy Efficient Grills

Over the years, an unfortunate grill energy story has evolved - gas grill value became synonymous with BTU levels and the number of controls on the grill. Multiple burner grills with higher BTU consumption were slotted with higher retail prices. While this has created perceived value, it in fact Firestone Home Productshas created negative issues: unnecessary energy consumption, multiple components that can go bad and end up being replacement part sales (i.e. valves, burners, igniters, etc), and last but not least - too much unnecessary energy consumption.

According to the Hearth Patio Barbeque Association, there are (115 million households in the US - 77% have a grill or a smoker - 98% of those own a grill and 68% of those are gas grills). In total, there are approximately 59 Million gas grills owned by households in the US. The consumption story is:

• There are 59 million grills in the US
• Average BTU usage is 60,000 BTUs/hour
• Consumers grilling twice a week would have an annual consumption of 6,240,000 BTUs legacy2
• There are 5,900,000 BTUs per barrel of crude oil

• A 60,000 BTU grill used two hours a week = a barrel of crude oil = 60Million barrels of crude oil/year.

• Reducing energy consumption lead to the development of Cook Number® Gas Grills. Their consumption is half, or less than the average gas grill. If the US market shifted to Cook Number Gas Grills using just 30,000 BTUs/hour or equally efficient ones, we would save 30Million barrels of crude oil/year.

$$ SAVING $$
This would save the US about $3Billion dollars in crude oil (priced at $100 per barrel).

legacy3The added benefits of this grill conversion are that LP tanks would only have to be filled half as often, single control and a single burner means fewer parts that can go wrong, and the controlled even heat convection cooking (and cook number system) provides much healthier cooking.

Switching to the energy- efficient Cook Number Electric Grills or to the iQ-250 Gas Grill (8,000 BTUs/hr), annual savings would be four times as great! • In the ideal world, a consumer would also have an electric or the iQ-250 (along with their large gas grill) and use it when only cooking for 2-4 people. This alone could result in dramatic savings.

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