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Exquisite Bird Houses & Feeders

Exquisite Bird Houses & Feeders

In 1999, Home Bazaar set out to create the world's most spectacular line of birdhouses and bird feeders. is pleased to introduce to you the HomeBazaar1Home Bazaar Line of architectural birdhouses and feeders, each designed with painstaking attention to detail.  They are fully functional for outdoor use but are also very enjoyable indoors.  Home Bazaar designs are most recognized for their cottage style combined with the Victorian scroll work. 

Houses (excluding purple martin houses) are designed to accommodate common cavity dwellers such as Wrens, Finches, Chickadees, Nuthatches,Titmice, homeBazaar2and other feathered friends.

Western red cedar or pine shingles adorn Home Bazaar roof tops. Exterior grade ply-board is used in construction of the walls, floor and underlying roof board and kiln-dried hardwoods,pine and poly-resin make the details. Outdoor, non-toxic paint is used to finish these exquisite houses and feeders.  Rest assured that no chemicals or sealants that can be harmful to wildlife are used in the making of Home Bazaar houses and feeders. 

Look for Home Bazaar houses and feeders in Better Homes & Gardens, The Stepford Wives, and more!

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