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Favorite Pieces of Outdoor Decor

Our Favorite Pieces of Outdoor Decor

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Are you looking to create a stylish outdoor living space? All it takes are a few colorful chairs and tables to match the exterior decor. The problem is there are so many different types, shapes, sizes, and colors of patio furniture; it can be a little overwhelming deciding what you want and what you need. 

Well at, we don't just sell outdoor furniture and decor; we also use it, especially when it is nice outside! Here are a few staff picks of their favorite outdoor living motifs: 

Outdoor lanterns can add great color to outdoor space We enjoy our backyard; as a matter of fact, accessorizing it has become a hobby. The backyard landscape includes an ever-growing collection of desert rock, cacti, and other drought resistant plants. I have recently begun collecting garden lanterns to light up the patio after dark; terracotta works beautifully in our Southwestern style yard. I have combined glazed and unglazed lanterns, and used a mix of actual candles and flameless candles. I also enjoy terracotta pots for my flowering plants. The pottery provides a nice contrast with our espresso colored wicker patio furniture, dark red cushions, and natural fiber pillows. The next earth element we plan to add to the backyard landscape is water, but our dilemma is should we install a fountain, a pond, or both? - Carmen

My 1940s stucco and tile bungalow has a small brick patio leading from a 12x12 foot living room and office. I am creating an outdoor living space beyond the sliding glass door that matches my indoor Tuscan style. Inside the house, the furniture consists of a dark wooden trunk with black wrought iron hardware that Pergolas add affordable style and beauty to your propertyI use as a coffee table in front of my brown leather sofa. My corner office space is an old wrought iron bookcase and a dark wooden desk. In the opposite corner is my overstuffed reading chair and ottoman that sits under a black wrought iron floor lamp. The chair and the room’s accent colors are cobalt blue and dark orange, which my girlfriend said, is actually "persimmon." I want to carry the colors through to the patio. Other plans include a dark wooden pergola and wrought iron table with cushioned chairs. Once those items are in place, I will find some extras to tie it all together. – Thomas

My husband and I are trying to meld our two very different styles into one home. My little white cottage is filled with a light and airy French Country theme. I have a fondness for white lace, flowers, and blue and white porcelain accents everywhere. The house is too feminine for my husband, so we search for ways to make what was once just mine now feel like ours, and we are slowly making progress.

My husband brought only his prized possessions. The good news is I like the dark Parson’s table he inherited from his grandparents. It currently serves as a sideboard in the dining room. However, we have not found a good place for his black leather recliner and his chrome floor lamp. I am toying with the idea of putting a man cave outside. The patio area consists of a cracked cement slab that we are thinking about tiling over. We definitely have our work cut out for us. – Maryanne has a great selection of Outdoor Décor! Shop Bird Feeders

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