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Garden Accents Buying Guide

Garden Accents
Welcome to our Garden Accents Buyers Guide. Here you will find everything required to enhance the beauty of your garden.

Pots and Planters   Trellises   Garden Arbors
Pots & Planters
100's of styles, shapes, accessories, sizes Urns, Windowboxes, Tubs, Hanging Baskets,
  Trellis Department
Western Red Cedar Trellises Vinyl Trellis & Copper Trellis

  Arbors & Arches
White Vinyl Arbors, Western Red Cedar Arbors & Distinctive Metal Arches
Buy Pergolas   Sundials   Garden Stones
Pergolas & Patio Covers
Vinyl Attached Stand Alone and Wood Pergolas
Birdbath Sundials, Galileans Equatorial, Wall Sundials, and a selection of pedestal bases
  Engraved Garden Rocks
Stepping Stones
Artificial Boulders

Outdoor Bridges   Outdoor Pavilions   Raised Garden Beds
Garden Bridges
Decorative & Functional Bridges
  Garden Pavilions
Handcrafted by European Mastersmiths

  Raised Garden Beds
Great for Growing Vegetables
Expand Your Landscape
New England Ultralast Products   Outdoor Accents   Laafs & Gnomes
New England Series From Ultralast
Arbors, Trellis, Planters, Mayne Mailboxes, Sign posts for the complete package
  Outdoor Accents
Garden Pets, Statues, Garden Markers, Herb Markers, Path Signs, Welcome Signs, Wall plaques & Stepping Stones

  Garden Gnomes
Our gnomes are crafted with attention to detail you're not likely to find elsewhere.


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