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Garden Carts: Work Smarter, Not Harder

The most indispensable tool used by gardeners is the garden cart. A good cart makes it possible to move large quantities of heavy supplies like tools, compost, mulch, plants, dirt, and heavy garden objects around the yard without back and arm strain. A garden cart is more stable than a wheelbarrow due to its lower center of gravity and lifting supplies into a cart is easier because it is closer to the ground. Carts can also carry heavier loads that will lay flat in transport and will move over rough terrain with ease.

Consider a few important features when shopping for a garden cart. There are two different types of tires on garden carts. A pneumatic tire will make heavy loads easier to handle but a solid tire will be more durable with no possibility of a flat; larger wheels will make the cart easier to navigate. Brakes can be very useful, especially if the cart will be used in a hilly landscape and a cushioned handle will make using the cart more comfortable.

Storage is also an issue; will there be enough room to keep a large cart?

Look for a model that folds down to take up less space if necessary. Dumping the contents of the cart is made much easier by a removable door panel. The size and strength of the user will ultimately determine what kind of cart is needed, bigger is not better if the user cannot maneuver it with ease.

Garden carts can be made from many materials. Carts made from metal are heavy and durable, but may rust over time. Wood garden carts are tough and can really take a beating, but the wood can warp after a while without proper care. Plastic carts are strong, lightweight and weatherproof.

Garden carts come in a wide price range, but remember low cost may not be the best choice if the cart doesn’t perform well or fails when you really need it.

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