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Garden Gloves

Even though getting your hands dirty while gardening is part of the fun; the mud, blisters, thorns and chemicals are not. Investing in several good pairs of gloves is absolutely necessary! Most people need several pairs of garden gloves because different jobs require gloves with different features.

Garden gloves are made from various materials, such as fabrics, natural hides, or synthetics. Fabrics like heavy cotton make great all-purpose gloves for a variety of general garden tasks. Rubber dots on the fingers and palms help with grip when weeding or using tools. Cotton gloves with a latex coating over the fingers and palm go a step further and protect against moisture but still allow ventilation. Leather gloves work best for work that involves sawing or pruning and rubber gloves are great for muddy jobs and pond chores. Latex gloves are useful for fine detail work and neoprene gloves are a safe choice when working with poisonous plants and chemicals.

An important feature to consider on a glove is the cuff; it can help keep the dirt out of your glove so your hands stay cleaner. A glove with a gauntlet will offer even more protection against dirt and thorns for your wrists and forearms.

Soil wicks moisture away from skin so a high quality pair of gloves will protect you from dry skin as well as keep your hands warm and dry. Try on each pair you are considering because glove sizes are not universal. A pair that is too big will slide off at the most inconvenient time and a pair that is to small can leave you with blisters.

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