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Garden Ponds

Rion ProflieNothing transforms the atmosphere of a garden like the presence of water in the form a pond. A peaceful garden pond can be a beautiful focal point for your outdoor space.

Along with the charm a garden pond provides, it also adds wonderful planting and design opportunities. There are many things to consider when designing and constructing your garden pond.

Your first consideration when deciding to add a pond to your yard is what kind of pond you want and where it will be located. Will it have plants or fish or both? Size, shape and depth are very important.

A natural, freeform shape and at least 24 inches deep will be pleasing to the eye and deep enough for fish to survive. Consider multiply levels with a waterfall so that you can enjoy the relaxing sounds of running water.

The equipment you use is a big consideration. You will need to utilize a pump, filter and maybe a skimmer, depending on the size of your pond. There are several choices when it comes to liners. PVC, rubber or preformed shapes are all popular choices. Many ponds are lined with rocks for a natural look.

Finally, after water has cycled for a few days comes the fun part—deciding what plants and fish to add. Garden ponds can be a beautiful addition to your outdoor space, adding a sense of peace to a garden like nothing else can.

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