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The one thing that most gardeners have in common is a love of great tools. Whether it is power equipment, hand tools or potting equipment, we need somewhere to store our stuff (not in the garage either; we have other cool stuff in there). We need really wonderful garden sheds! Garden sheds come in every size, price range and style imaginable. Wood, metal, vinyl or plastic are some of the material used in garden shed construction. Floors can be poured concrete, wood, a prefab floor kit or bare ground in some cases.

One of the first things to think about before you purchase a shed is how big do you need it to be? What are you going to put in there anyway? Don’t forget the lawn chairs and other seasonal items that may need to be stored in the winter months. Take an inventory of everything that might take up residence in the shed. With this information in mind, look for a shed that is big enough for everything. I have never heard anyone say that they just have too much storage, but I have heard a lot of lamenting about not having enough. When in doubt go one size bigger!

Another important thing to consider when choosing a garden shed to suit your particular needs is location. The key to a successful installation is a firm, level site that does not collect standing water. Sheds have often been relegated to a site in the yard farthest away from where the people are in an effort to hide unsightly storage. Today’s garden sheds are very attractive as well as sturdy and functional. You can choose to have it match the style of your house or perhaps resemble a barn or a cottage. Place the shed in a location where you have convenient access to tools and equipment.

Add details like windows and shutters to make the shed an attractive part of your outdoor space. Landscape your shed and build a meandering path across the yard to make your garden shed a destination. A path will also help keep your feet dry and avoid ruts in the ground that can form when moving heavy equipment across wet grass. Trick out your space with a functional potting bench or a grinder to sharpen tools. Run electricity out to the shed for lights, a fan and power tools. Install a water spigot to mix fertilizer and other chemicals and be able to wash your hands. While you’re at it, add a small refrigerator, a radio (preferably satellite) and a hammock. You should not have to go back in the house for days. Hey, you can even throw a party back there. All your friends will want to hang out in your cool new garden shed (just watch your tools, you know how much gardeners love tools!). Now that’s a gardener’s idea of a perfect garden shed! Woo hoo, garden party!

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