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Goose Control

Goose Control

Since 1964, Bird-X has been the leader in producing humane pest bird control and repellent products. offers the most comprehensive line of bird control products that are eco-friendly (‘green’), environmentally-safe, non-toxic and non-harmful, ranging from state-of-the-art laser and ultrasonic / sonic bird, goosebustergoose and pigeon repellents, spikes, netting and roost inhibitors, visual scare products and taste aversions. We provide bird control solutions.

Bird-X co-operates and collaborates with research professionals in local, state and national government agencies, educational institutions, state and national humane societies, animal rights organizations, etc, to manufacture the best control methods out there.  In addition, each one is a direct result of decades of scientific study and field testing.

One problem that we hear about every year is geese.  Geese are stubborn and territorial, returning year after year. The GooseBuster uses their memory against them and scares them away repeatedly so they learn not to return.  It covers up to seven acres (up to 21 acres from two units), and is known to be effective on geese, ducks, mallards.  The GooseBuster works so well because it uses sound combinations, sequences and speakers that change randomly to give a perception of troubled geese moving through many locations.  It also offers an optional selection of coyote bark and gunshot sound.  Geese evacuate instantly, without waiting to identify the source.

Another very popular method of control, which can be used alone, or in conjunction with the GooseBuster, is the GooseChase.  It is an environmentally safe goosechaseproduct developed with major university and USDA assistance EPA classified as a "reduced risk", and does not contain potentially dangerous ANTHRAQUINONE, which can be found in other goose repellent sprays.  GooseChase uses part of the Concord grape, which has been used for decades by the food and drug industry to flavor candy, gum, soda and drug, making it a safe product to use around children and pets of all kinds.  GooseChase is sprayed on grass. Geese find it inedible, and seek untreated food sources elsewhere.

It is important to mention that when repelling any animal, you must eliminate food sources, if at all possible.  That may mean having a friendly conversation with neighbors who are feeding the geese near your property.  It will be nearly impossible to rid your lawn of geese if they are being fed regularly by humans nearby.

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