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Haws Watering Cans

Haws Watering Cans
The Haws Professional watering can is the most sought after watering can, ever. It all began in the 1880's with a civil servant, John Haws. Unsatisfied with the French style watering can that dominated the industry, he set out to design the perfect watering can. -One that is perfectly balanced, and easy to carry. His patented style has remained virtually unchanged, since 1885.
The design that sets any Haws can apart from the vast sea of watering cans is the handle. John Haws designed a lid, or 'breast' for the watering can, and a neck to carry the separate spout and back handles. The body, base, handle, and spout support are all very distinctive features, as well.
After a metal Haws watering can is formed, and hand welded, it is set outdoors, to collect rust. The pits of the rusting process allow the galvanization to adhere to the can. All metal Haws watering cans endure this process. After they collect just the right amount of rust, they are bathed in molten zinc, which galvanizes them. It is certainly the most effectsve means of weatherproofing them. After that, they are off to be painted, polished, and sealed with the Haws insignia.
Since it's origination, changes are limited to material, finish, and size. There are small variances regarding the rose, as well. There is one for everyone. They are the 'Must Have' for any serious gardener.

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