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HotHouse Gardening

HotHouse Gardening

Hot House Gardening can be a lot of fun, and can save a lot of money, as well. You will have to make an initial investment, and use your green thumb a little, but it is easier than you think. Home-grown fruits, vegetables, and flowers, or even herbs, make great gifts, too.

First, before you pick out a hot house, settle on a location, and call your local Miss Dig, so you don't dig up wires, or pipes. You will need level ground, for starters. Choose a sunny, wind protected area. Once you have your hot house, be sure to stake it down well.

Organize your hot house for maximum efficiency; shelving will help. Watering in the morning, prevents standing water, which causes mold and mildew problems within plants. A misting kit will make watering easy, but you can use old fashioned watering cans, too.

Heating is easy. You can use a ceramic heater, when the outdoor temperature drops below forty degrees. When using a heater of any sort, look for one with an automatic shut off, a basic thermostat control, and a humidity sensor. You can also use thermal storage. This can be done using a large stone, which will collect heat during the day, and release it in the night.

To cool your hot house, simply open the vents. You may want to incorporate a small fan, as well. Ventilation is essential, because stagnant air and high humidity will cause a variety of fungal diseases.

When you are ready to take down your hot house, hose it down, using mild water pressure, and dish soap. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners. Before storing it, make sure that it is completely dry.

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