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How to Start a Planter Garden

How to Start a Planter Garden

Enjoying fresh vegetables doesn’t require much land to start a garden. All you need is a planter and you can grow your own vegetables anywhere – inside your home, on the patio, on a balcony, or even on your roof!

What vegetables can you grow in a pot or planter?

Almost any vegetable can be grown in a planter, especially dwarf varieties of vegetables. Herbs, like basil, thyme, sage, and rosemary, also do well when grown in planters. However, some do better than others. The listed vegetables are perfect for growing in planters since they take up so little space:

 Carrots  Cucumbers  Eggplant
 Green Beans
 Green Onions
 Leaf Lettuce
 Peppers  Radishes  Squash
 Tomatoes  Beets  Spinach
What do you need to start a planter garden? 

Sun – Most vegetables require at least six hours of direct sunlight every day. Easy enough.
Water – Vegetables need lots of water to grow. Keep the soil moist, but don’t drown the plants. Use your fingers to test the soil; if it feels dry, add water. Watering is one of the most important aspects of growing vegetables especially in the warm summer months.
Soil – Good-quality potting soil is preferable for growing vegetables. Soil from your outside garden can sometimes be problematic for planters. The soil has a tendency to compact and not drain properly. Garden soil also runs the risk of transplanting weeds from outside and contaminating your planter.
Fertilizer – Plants need to eat, too. Use a high quality fertilizer and mix it thoroughly into your soil.
Planter – Choosing the right planter can be tricky. Find one that is aesthetically appealing, but also suitable for your climate. The type of planter you want also depends on what types of vegetables, herbs or flowers you expect to grow. Read more about Choosing the Right Planter.
Patience - Above all, gardening, even in planter gardening, should be relaxing and enjoyable. Be patient with your plant and it will reward you in more ways than one.

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