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How to Stop Deer from Eating your Plants Buyers Guide

How to stop deer from eating your plants

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Are deer eating your garden vegetables, backyard shrubs and flowers? How do you keep your plants safe?  It isn't out of the ordinary for deer to eat every one of your flowers in a single night. Deer can be a real nuisance and quite difficult to deter without taking consistent action to prevent them from making a meal out of your plants.

If deer are eating and devastating your plants, there are a few methods for stopping the damage they leave behind. A safe and easy solution for a deer problem in your backyard is to use a deer deterrent that is not harmful but still successful in the prevention of deer entering your grounds. Deterrents range from sprays, like Shake Away For Deer and Deer Stopper Rtu, to herbs and fencing. So what type of deterrent would be best for you and your home?

Deer repellents mimic the scents of predators and ward off deer

Deer repellents can be used anywhere in and around your yard and garden. Try spraying odor-based repellents, such as Coyote Urine or Liquid Fence Deer Repellent, around the plants you want to protect as well as your property lines. Deer find odor-based repellents unpleasant or disturbing because the scents are meant to mimic the scent of a predator or danger. Spray some of this on the bushes, grass, and trees closest to the garden. The lasting of the odor varies by brand, and you'll find that these odor-based repellents need reapplication after it rains.

Specially woven plastic netting prevents deer from getting to your garden. The netting needs to be at least seven feet high or else the deer can simply jump over it. If you have a large area or landscape to protect, netting and fencing isn’t always practical or cost-effective.

Blood meal has been shown to be effective in repelling deer since they hate the smell of blood. Simply apply some around your plants. Blood meal has to be reapplied consistently since it will wash away in the rain; keep in mind too that extended blood meal use can potentially add too much nitrogen in the soil.

Deer also tend to avoid aromatic herbs; they hate the smell of rosemary, for example. If deer are targeting your flowers and shrubs, it is recommended you plant some herb, like rosemary, lavender, and catmint, around the outskirts of your property or your trees.

Motion activated sprinklers, like the Scarecrow Sprinkler, are effective in scaring deer off of your property. As the deer walks on to your lawn, the motion sensor cues a spray of water that scares the animal with the suddenness of the sprinkler activity. The sprinkler can cover a good portion of your yard and your plants get some needed watering in the process.

No one method will be a sure-fire solution. Try carrying out different methods of deer prevention until you find a combination that works. has a wide assortment of deer repellents at great prices! Shop Deer Control and Deer Repellents!

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