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Identify the Symptoms of Anthracnose

Identify the Symptoms of Anthracnose

Symptoms of anthracnose appear first as small, circular, slightly a4sunken lesions on the surface of ripening fruits. The spots quickly enlarge, become deeply depressed, and develop a water-soaked appearance directly beneath the skin of the fruit. You will see black rings forming in the center of the lesions. Eventually, secondary microorganisms invade the lesions and cause a complete rotting of the fruit.

There are many things that you can do to prevent anthracnosea2.  First of all, start with a resistant variety of the plant you are intending to grow.  You may not know where to look, to find  names of resistant cultivars.  If you do some simple Internet searches, you will find that many states have university web sites that offer advise.  You can also ask your local nursery for a recommendation, or visit the library.

Water your plants in the morning.  Do not use overhead watering systems,a and space your plants in a way that promotes air circulation.

Apply protection fungicides to plants starting when the first fruit appear. This will prevent or minimize the occurrence of latent infections.  Try Mancozeb.  It is proven to be effective on fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals.

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