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Knowing When To Water House Plants

Knowing When To Water House Plants
Do you have trouble keeping your plants watered properly? If you answered no than either you are lying or should not be wasting your time reading this article because you have plants to monitor. Recently I discovered a new tool that really does help. It's called The Water Stick and it will automatically let you know the status of your plant by using a simple LED color sequence. 

It protects against under watering as well as over watering. The WaterStik is a break through in soil moisture measuring technology that makes it possible to accurately monitor the water content in any indoor potted plant's soil. I have been testing one for about three months and have over watered three plants, under watered three plants and properly watered three more (or so I thought). The WaterStick worked as advertised in all areas and even help correct my watering patterns.

Here is how it works: Simply place the WaterStik into the plants soil. The top will Automatically blink when plant needs water or has recived too much water. The color of light indicates the plant's status . It Uses full spectrum LED technology and depth gauge technology allows to different plant types and watering habits.

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