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Learn to Water Garden in Six Easy Steps

Learn to Water Garden in Six Easy Steps

Build Your Own PondIf you are interested in building your own water garden, visit our Water Gardening Department! 

Step 1 Pick a location in your that is fairly even and receives at least six hours of sunlight per day. It's a good idea not to put your pond under trees. Leaves can dramatically affect the waters biological balance and roots can make digging difficult. Pre-form your pond in any shape using a rope or garden hose to outline the edges.

Step 2 Now it is time to dig the hole. We recommend setting up two or three tiers within your pond. This will allow a better atmosphere for both fish and aquatic plants. Fish require shallow areas for feeding and deeper areas for security. Plants, such as lilies, can be placed on tiers and add dramatic effect to the overall look. Shallow areas should be between 8" and 16" and deep areas should be between 17"-40". In most parts of the US, 24" is a sufficient depth for your deeper areas. In areas of prolonged winters, consider a depth of 32" to 40", adding borders and bottom drains.

Step 3 Underline the hole with sand, or carpet padding, to protect the liner from root and rock punctures. We recommend using a strong underliner, to guarantee a rupture free pond!

Step 4 Place the liner over the hole, holding it in place with bricks or rocks and fill the pond with water. this will cause the liner to conform to the desired shape.

Water GardeningStep 5 Trim the liner to the desired shape. Allow the liner to overlap the water by 1-2". The excess material can be tucked under the border (We always recommend a rock border). Make sure to allow some excess since your pond will settle.

Step 6 Install the filtration system and water garden pump for a waterfall or fountain. Then treat the pond withchemicals, add plants and wait 30 days to add fish. This will guarantee that your pond and filter are biologically ready to support aquatic life. Feed fish two or three times daily, only as much as they will consume in a few minutes. Never over feed your fish!

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