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Protect and Store Your Patio Furniture During the Winter

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Your patio should be a place for rest and relaxation, not a source of stress and anxiety. Some of the most beautiful and fashionable outdoor patio furniture include materials that don't respond too well to the elements. For instance, wicker, metal, mechanical table umbrellas and cloth seat cushions don’t hold up very well to extremes in temperature and precipitation. The last thing any of us want to do is replace seat cushions every year or repaint a patio set every spring! It's easier than you think to keep your outdoor furniture safe and secure during the winter until it can be enjoyed again next spring and summer.

Furniture covers are a cheap and effective solution to protecting your furniture in the winter

It is important that you protect your patio furniture from both precipitation and the winter cycle of freezing and thawing if you want it to look new and last several years. Here at, our advice is to use creative yet practical solutions. While most patio furniture is designed with an eye toward outdoor aesthetics, that doesn't mean it can't look great indoors too. In fact, many traditional outdoor patio tables are now fashionably trendy as indoor kitchen pieces. Ceramic-top tables that look like they would be at home on a patio are making their way into dining rooms across the country.

When it comes to functional storage places where patio furniture can be used for something, look no further than the garage. Your patio coffee table can easily function as a storage shelf. If you don't own a shed to store your patio furniture and don't wish to undertake the costly project of building one, buy a prefabricated storage unit. Your seat cushions should definitely come inside and don't forget about the umbrella too. They won't take up much room and will be easy to stash. They don’t take up much space and can even be stored under your bed if need be!

If it is impossible to store your outdoor furniture during the winter, consider taking some precautions to protect your investment in outdoor living. Apply an appropriate water sealant to the frame of wooden pieces of your furniture. Metal pieces can be painted with special rust-proofing enamel. Keep in mind that cast iron, wrought iron, or aluminum pieces need no special rust-proofing treatment. Plastic covers can also be used and are relatively inexpensive. For wicker furniture, apply a deglosser. Once the deglosser is dry, paint the wicker in a color you like with specialty outdoor paint.

With a little preparation, the cold and wet winter weather won’t be a source of stress for you and your outdoor furniture. All you have to do now is to sit back and wait for next summer. has a great selection of furniture covers at great prices! Shop Furniture Covers

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