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address plaque discountsCommercial Accounts - Landscape Professionals & Volume Discounts specializes in commercial accounts and bulk order quantities. In addition to developing strong relationships with landscape architects, lawn & garden retailers, we work with hotels, restaurants, builders, community association, cities, condominiums or neighborhoods. Bottom line we save money when making multiple versions of the same plaque style and pass the savings along to you.

Who Qualifies for Bulk Order Pricing:

Landscape Architects Builder - Developers Large Quantity Orders
Municipalities & Government Landscape Designers Landscape Professionals
Hotel Properties Community Associations Commercial Accounts
School Systems Exterior Decorators Exhibition Companies
Restaurants Retail Stores Malls & Showrooms
Corporate Gifts Industry Trade Discounts Public Relations

To Qualify is Simple & Straightforward.

  1. Select the item(s) of interest.
  2. Determine the Quantity required
  3. Call Toll Free 1-888-314-2733
  4. Payment may be made via credit card or "Commercial Billing Account" can be established upon approval

The amount of the discount is based upon the types of products being ordered and the total order amount. We offer individuals and commercial accounts special volume discounts for large orders of the same address plaque with different personalization and still qualify for the volume discount.

You cannot process or register for this volume discount through our regular checkout process.

Please call toll free to at 1-888-314-2733
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Providing Top Quality Service to All of our Clients Big and Small
Here are just a few of our satisfied customers:

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