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Repelling Blue Heron

Repelling Blue Heron

A customer recently asked "How do I repel blue heron?"

great blue heronThe Great Blue Heron, one of America's most recognizable variety of waterfowl, can be difficult to deter and may cause significant damage to ponds and landscaping. For optimal control, it is best to combine the use of visual scare products such as the Prowler Owl or Terror Eyes along with taste repellents like Goose Chase or Goose Stopper. To maintain a realistic threat to birds, vary your methods and relocate predator replicas frequently. For repelling established flocks, you may also want to consider implementing an audio scare device, such as Goose Buster which randomly projects real distress calls. Another great option is the Motion-Activated Scarecrow, a sprinkler that serves to chase away browsing fish predators.

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