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Sucker Stopper Tree Growth Regulator

Sucker Stopper Tree Growth Regulator

Tree Sucker Stopper Completely Stops Woody Plant Suckers

This ready-to-use formula stops pesky tree and woody plant suckers for up to 5 months. Sucker-Stopper Ready to Use formula is made from the plant growth regulator napthaleneacetate (NAA). This product is widely used in commercial agriculture to prevent suckers and as a thinning agent on fruit trees.

Use After Every Pruning:
Many trees produce suckers every spring. Even though you cut them back, the suckers will continue to come back all summer long, which can be very annoying. One application of Sucker-Stopper RTU can prevent this recurrence. Also, after pruning, many trees will put out suckers around the pruning wound. These are very hard to keep under control. One application of Sucker- Stopper RTU after pruning will prevent this. Thoroughly cover the primary wound or where the existing sprouts have been removed. Be sure to treat before new growth suckers are 10 inches in length. The earlier you treat, the better. Control should last about 3 months.


Effective on the Following Trees(and many More)

American Elm, Apple Trees, Carob Trees, Chinese Elm Tree, Coast Redwood, Crabapples, Flowering Plum, Olive Tree, Pear Tree, Water oak, Wax Myrtle, Willow Tree, Red Maple Tree, River Birch Tree, Silver Maple Tree, Sugar Maple Tree, Sycamore Tree, Sugar Maple Tree, Sycamore Tree

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