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Ten Must Haves for Your Outdoor Living Area

Ten Must Haves for Your Outdoor Living Area

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As the summer months approach, many homeowners begin thinking about renovating their backyard spaces. Whether your plan is to do simple updates or complete overhauls, the decisions you make will set the tone for your entire home. Planning what type of structures and decorations to include can be both difficult and overwhelming. The first step is to make a list of the best features that will make your yard an exciting place to enjoy.

Here are ten items every backyard living area should have: 
  • Covered patios  
  • Outdoor kitchen       
  •  Landscaping       
  • Water features       
  •  Fireplace       
  •  Landscape Lighting         
  • Outdoor seating         
  • Decorative accents

Covered Patios

Covered patios are a must have because they protect your family from the hot summer sun, providing a relaxing shaded gathering spot. There are many options to consider including pergolas, canopies, umbrellas, awnings, and gazebos.

Patio umbrellas provide a relaxing shaded spot. Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor kitchens are undoubtedly at the top of the list when renovating a backyard space. Most of our time spent outdoors revolves around barbeques and entertaining. The kitchen space can be as simple as adding a small grill or elaborate as your budget will allow. A backyard living environment isn’t complete without a barbeque to create delicious dishes and creations. Additional features like sinks and mini fridges make the space even more functional and appealing.

Trees, flowers and bushes enhance the overall tone of the space. Beautiful green grass provides a soft option for games and relaxation. Flowers that bloom in the spring give the space appealing and much needed pops of color.

Water Features
Waterfalls, fountains and ponds exude a very relaxing tone to a space. The sound of running water creates a sense of tranquility. This feature can range from a small table fountain to an elaborate waterfall that cascades into a fish filled pond.

Fire creates a mesmerizing place to warm up during the cool evening hours. Fire features can range from fire pits to large decorative fireplaces with huge mantles and hearths. The amount of space in your yard will determine how elaborate of a fireplace you can use.

The right lighting choices bring the night alive.Lighting
Illuminate your backyard space with fantastic lighting that creates a sense of beauty and serenity. Highlight trees and shrubs with spotlights, and light pathways leading to the garden. The right choices bring the night time alive.

Outdoor Furniture
From chaise lounges to dining tables and chairs, sufficient seating is very important to complete the space. The amount of seating depends on how large your parties may be and how often the area will be used.

Decorative Accents
Bringing in accessories personalizes the space. Pots, rugs, pillows, lanterns, benches, candles, ceiling fans, umbrellas and tableware not only give the space a homey feel, but create a sense of bringing the indoors out. 

However you choose to decorate your backyard living area, make sure you incorporate at least one or more of these must haves for the ultimate in outdoor décor. has everything you need to transform your outdoor living area! Shop Bird Feeders

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