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The Proper Way to Decorate a Garden Arbor

The Proper Way to Decorate a Garden Arbor

Properly chosen landscaping elements can enhance the look of any home's exterior. An arbor or metal trellis can be beautiful when adorned with Morning Glory, roses, and other flowering vines. Garden arbors provide a shady place in the garden for you to sit and enjoy yourself or as an entrance to the garden itself. Arbors embellish your backyards, walkways, gazebos and other areas of your home’s exterior with beautiful colors and shapes. They make any backyard setting look more florid and more nurtured.

Your garden will truly be one of a kind when you decorate your arbor. Here are a few ideas on how to properly decorate your garden arbor:

  • Grow some climbing vines or roses beside your arbor; the proximity of the arbor allows the vines to grow up and over it. Make sure the plant you are growing is suited for the unique light levels, wind and soil conditions associated with vertical gardening. Morning Glory is a hardy plant with beautiful, sweet smelling flowers; grapevines are very popular and traditionally have been used to adorn garden arbors.
  • Avoid growing plants with thorns or prickly leaves. This only makes maintenance, like pruning, more difficult and sometimes, a little painful.
  • Heavier vines require additional support to hold their weight. With twine, string or some gardener’s wrap, tie the vines or branches to the legs of the arbor.
  •  It is recommended that you vary planting the vines as a way to take advantage of their differing bloom times.
  • Combining a garden arbor with containers, troughs and planter boxes are some of the hottest trends in landscape design. Some plants simply do better in containers; set these plants near the arbor where there is typically less vegetation and flowers.

There are other ways to decorate your garden arbor besides colorful plants and flowers. Some of these other decorating ideas include:

  • Have your arbor match the colors of your home’s exterior with a little bit of paint. This ties it visually to the overall landscape design.
  • Lighting adds a simple yet fun look. Drape a string of lights down from the top of the arbor and then across the front. Another idea is to align a few solar garden lights along the front of the arbor.
  • How about adding a bench or a relaxing swing to inside the arbor? Nothing is quite as relaxing as spending an afternoon sitting under your arbor.
  • Hanging flowers can be hung from both front corners of the arbor. The color of the pots and the hanging plants adds yet another visually stunning decoration.

Owning an imaginatively decorated garden arbor is one of the more unique garden decor ideas you can do to transform the entire look of your home and backyard instantly. All it takes is some time, patience and creativity.

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