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Tips for Adding Statuary to Your Garden

The addition of a statue in the garden is always a personal choice, but following some of these helpful hints will help you decide how and where to incorporate statues and sculpture in the garden.

1.      Use a statue to create focal points in the garden such as at the end of a path or where two paths cross.

2.      Keep things simple. A common mistake is using to many pieces of art that are too small and having to much in the garden, creating a cluttered effect.

3.      Select fewer pieces that have more presence for greater impact.

4.      Choose statuary that is compatible to the overall style of your house and garden.

5.      Create a frame for the statue by selecting a background to set off the statue such as a wall, fence or shrub border.

6.      Consider how the light in the garden will affect the statue. Try not to have it sit in a shadow all day unless it can be lit with supplemental lighting.

7.      Place statues on a concrete block or other paving stone to elevate the statue to eye level and protect it from the harsh elements of soil and moisture.

8.      Make a cutout from cardboard in the likeness of the statue you are considering and move it around the garden until you find just the right spot. This will also save you some sore muscles, as statues can be very heavy.

9.      Use a concrete or masonry sealer on stone statues to protect them from the elements. Repeat each year if the statue is outside year round.

10.  Coat painted outdoor statues with liquid car wax to protect the surface. Be careful to wipe off quickly and completely to avoid a white residue.

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