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Weed Prevention for Lawns

Weed Prevention for Lawns

preen for lawnsIs there anyone who likes weeds? Back in the 17th century, W.U. Shu appropriately wrote, "The only good dandelion is a dead one." After all, what's to like? They're ugly, cause soil erosion, detract from the beauty and value of a home, interfere with landscape plans, some are sharp to the touch, and some are even poisonous. Ever since man first started planting vegetables and cultivating lawns and gardens, the war on weeds has raged on. Over the years, some extreme means for dealing with weeds have evolved, from fires and floods to applying harmful gasoline products to the soil. Today, the war on weeds is more civilized. Selective herbicides, which kill the weed but protect the surrounding grass and landscape, have come on the scene in recent years to help launch a more targeted offensive operation. This year, a new weapon is being introduced to the arsenal. Preen for Lawns is the first product that kills and prevents weeds in one step while also providing a long-lasting, controlled-release fertilizer. This time-saving product effectively replaces two steps of traditional 4-step lawn care programs and eliminates weeds before they germinate -- so there's no more weed pulling, digging, burning or spraying. Preen for Lawns can be applied to wet or dry lawns, which means there is no more need to check and recheck the weather forecast for just the right conditions, and no need to re-apply if the weather decides not to cooperate. In addition, Preen can adapt to changing weather and moisture conditions, as well as a lawn's changing nutrient needs. Preen not only eliminates multiple steps in your lawn care program, but also eliminates weeds and fertilizes for up to four months, so only one application per growing season is required. Preen also is better for the environment, since it produces less leaching and runoff due to its advanced chemical formulation which requires fewer pounds of chemicals per acre for maximum effectiveness.

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