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What Plants Grow Best on a Trellis?

What Plants Grow Best on a Trellis?

Trellising plants is a long-practiced gardening technique that frees up much needed space while also providing bountiful harvests. It also adds attraction to the exterior of a home while providing much needed shade without taking up much space.

When it comes to starting a vertical garden on a trellis, it is important to do some homework on what types of flowers, fruits or vegetables you expect to grow. Not all plants are able to grow vertically, mostly vine plants, and even then, some grow better than others. Here are a few of the more popular plants that grow best on a trellis:

Beans grow on trellises

Beans – Who doesn’t love beans? The great part is that they are so easy to grow, especially on a trellis. Pole beans are an example of a bean that requires a surface to climb as they grow. Vines sprout small tendrils for grasping and holding on to vertical surfaces, here the trellis. They can dry out quickly when planted vertically so make sure to water regularly

Beans grow on trellises

Cucumbers – When it comes to popular vegetables, few can match cucumbers; they are hardy, fruitful, and most importantly, delicious. All species of cucumbers grow on vines, so any will work well in a vertical garden setting.

Clematis grows on trellisesClematis – Every garden should contain clematis. The typical flower of clematis is a large blossom with six to seven medium sized petals. Their colors range from white to wine red, lavender and deep purple; it isn’t unusual to find yellow flowers either. Another reason for clematis popularity is the fact that they are cultivars that can grow smaller blossoms, double blossoms, and pretty bell-like flowers.

Beans grow on trellises

Brambles – You’ve probably seen brambles before but never realized it. Have you ever had the fortune of eating delicious raspberries or blackberries? They are part of the group of fruiting plants referred to as brambles. Many growers of brambles use trellises for two reasons. They make maintenance easier and the air flow of the trellis improves the fruit yield. Fruiting brambles not grown on a trellis run the risk of breaking or tipping over.

Honeysuckle grows on trellisesHoneysuckle - This colorful vine is known for its sweet fragrance. Honeysuckles can be planted in full or partial shade provided the soil isn’t too wet. Depending on the species of honeysuckle, its flowers will range in color from white to an intense pink. Some honeysuckles can be invasive so be wary of where you are planting this vine; it can do pretty extensive damage to homes if left unchecked.

Morning Glory grows on trellisesMorning Glory - This beautiful flower is named for its peculiar behavior. The flower of the Morning Glory blooms in the morning but then dies by the end of the day. Its trumpet shaped flowers bloom in a variety of extravagant colors, though the most common and popular is blue.

In no time your garden trellis will be covered in eye-catching foliage, delicious vegetables and fragrant flowers. has a great selection of trellises. Find yours today!

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