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White House Gardens

White House Gardens

As we are all pondering the days ahead, considering an uncertain future, and trying white house gardento be hopeful in light of a new administration,  we at thought it might be a good time to stop and smell the roses, in a way. 

White House gardens are well known for their beauty.  Eleanor Roosevelt started a victory garden on the WhiteWhite house garden2 House lawn in 1943, which encouraged millions to do the same in their own front yards. When WWII ended, home gardeners were producing 40 percent of the United States' produce.  There is currently a movement underway encouraging the Obamas to plant an organic garden, in an effort to have the same effect.

white house garden3If you are interested in seeing the White House Gardens, you can take a tour.  They first opened to the public in 1972 by Pat Nixon, and have been a tradition every since.  Visitors are invited to view the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden, Rose Garden, Children's Garden and South Lawn of the White House while military bands perform from a White House balcony.

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