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Richland MGP Sling Bar Swivel

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Richland MGP Sling Bar Swivel

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Style Item Number Model Number UPC
Cobalt Snow G39282 COB SNO 9H9635D
Red Snow G39282 RED SNO 9H9601D
Green Snow G39282 GRN SNO 9H9622D
Navy Snow G39282 NVY SNO 9H9613D
Atlantis Snow G39282 ATL SNO 9H9670D
Coffee Bean Snow G39282 COF SNO 9H96743
Shimmer Snow G39282 SHI SNO 9H96616
Sienna Snow G39282 SIE SNO 9H96808
Sedona Snow G39282 SED SNO 9H96529
Walnut Snow G39282 WAL SNO 9H96801
Bark Snow G39282 BAR SNO 9H96110
Tweed Snow G39282 TWE SNO 9H96753
Granite Snow G39282 GRA SNO 9H96400
Bailey Snow G39282 BAI SNO 9H96803
Cobalt Black G39282 COB BLK 9H9835D
Red Black G39282 RED BLK 9H9801D
Green Black G39282 GRN BLK 9H9822D
Navy Black G39282 NVY BLK 9H9813D
Atlantis Black G39282 ATL BLK 9H9870D
Coffee Bean Black G39282 COF BLK 9H98743
Shimmer Black G39282 SHI BLK 9H98616
Sienna Black G39282 SIE BLK 9H98808
Sedona Black G39282 SED BLK 9H98529
Walnut Black G39282 WAL BLK 9H98801
Bark Black G39282 BAR BLK 9H98110
Tweed Black G39282 TWE BLK 9H98753
Granite Black G39282 GRA BLK 9H98400
Bailey Black G39282 BAI BLK 9H98803
Cobalt Kona G39282 COB KON 9H9K35D
Red Kona G39282 RED KON 9H9K01D
Green Kona G39282 GRN KON 9H9K22D
Navy Kona G39282 NVY KON 9H9K13D
Atlantis Kona G39282 ATL KON 9H9K70D
Coffee Bean Kona G39282 COF KON 9H9K743
Shimmer Kona G39282 SHI KON 9H9K616
Sienna Kona G39282 SIE KON 9H9K808
Sedona Kona G39282 SED KON 9H9K529
Walnut Kona G39282 WAL KON 9H9K801
Bark Kona G39282 BAR KON 9H9K110
Tweed Kona G39282 TWE KON 9H9K753
Granite Kona G39282 GRA KON 9H9K400
Bailey Kona G39282 BAI KON 9H9K803
Cobalt Mahogany G39282 COB MAH 9H9H35D
Red Mahogany G39282 RED MAH 9H9H01D
Green Mahogany G39282 GRN MAH 9H9H22D
Navy Mahogany G39282 NVY MAH 9H9H13D
Atlantis Mahogany G39282 ATL MAH 9H9H70D
Coffee Bean Mahogany G39282 COF MAH 9H9H743
Shimmer Mahogany G39282 SHI MAH 9H9H616
Sienna Mahogany G39282 SIE MAH 9H9H808
Sedona Mahogany G39282 SED MAH 9H9H529
Walnut Mahogany G39282 WAL MAH 9H9H801
Bark Mahogany G39282 BAR MAH 9H9H110
Tweed Mahogany G39282 TWE MAH 9H9H753
Granite Mahogany G39282 GRA MAH 9H9H400
Bailey Mahogany G39282 BAI MAH 9H9H803
Cobalt Graphite G39282 COB GRA 9H9T35D
Red Graphite G39282 RED GRA 9H9T01D
Green Graphite G39282 GRN GRA 9H9T22D
Navy Graphite G39282 NVY GRA 9H9T13D
Atlantis Graphite G39282 ATL GRA 9H9T70D
Coffee Bean Graphite G39282 COF GRA 9H9T743
Shimmer Graphite G39282 SHI GRA 9H9T616
Sienna Graphite G39282 SIE GRA 9H9T808
Sedona Graphite G39282 SED GRA 9H9T529
Walnut Graphite G39282 WAL GRA 9H9T801
Bark Graphite G39282 BAR GRA 9H9T110
Tweed Graphite G39282 TWE GRA 9H9T753
Granite Graphite G39282 GRA GRA 9H9T400
Bailey Graphite G39282 BAI GRA 9H9T803
Cobalt Desert G39282 COB DES 9H9D35D
Red Desert G39282 RED DES 9H9D01D
Green Desert G39282 GRN DES 9H9D22D
Navy Desert G39282 NVY DES 9H9D13D
Atlantis Desert G39282 ATL DES 9H9D70D
Coffee Bean Desert G39282 COF DES 9H9D743
Shimmer Desert G39282 SHI DES 9H9D616
Sienna Desert G39282 SIE DES 9H9D808
Sedona Desert G39282 SED DES 9H9D529
Walnut Desert G39282 WAL DES 9H9D801
Bark Desert G39282 BAR DES 9H9D110
Tweed Desert G39282 TWE DES 9H9D753
Granite Desert G39282 GRA DES 9H9D400
Bailey Desert G39282 BAI DES 9H9D803
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